Group Home & Auto

Economical Select – Group Home and Auto Personal Insurance

Eligible Groups:

Bowl Canada

If you’re a qualified employee of Bowl Canada, we can offer you a group discount. The discount is 15% off of the already discounted premium.

Challenger Motor Freight

If you’re a qualified employee of Challenger Motor Freight, we can offer you a group discount. The discount is 15% off of the already discounted premium.

Miller Thomson LLP

If you’re a qualified partner, associate or staff member, we offer a 30% discount on auto insurance and a 20% discount on property insurance.

Program Details:

Group home and auto insurance offered by Economical Select has benefits for everyone in your company, association or organization. The employer has the opportunity to enhance benefit packages at no cost, there is no administration function internally and sales and service is provided by Economical select and Lackner McLennan.

Economical Select Insurance is part of the Economical Insurance group of companies, one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in Canada. Economical is located in the Waterloo region, supporting this community for over 140 years.

Group members receive competitive group rates for qualified employees from Economical Insurance, a quality insurance provider. Group discounts of up to 20% are in addition to any other discounts the client is entitled to. Convenient payment options are available with no service fees for an additional 3% off regular premiums. Service and sales are provided by a Lackner McLennan and all clients have access to the 24 hour claims access
with a toll free number.

As your Broker, we implement at no cost to you, the employer, all marketing materials, promotion, and administration of the program. In 2016 anyone who gets a new quote with Economical Select is entered to win one of six new cars. Lackner McLennan assists you and submits your application for approval. We believe your company will meet the requirements set by the Government of Ontario. There is no requirement for anyone to participate. It is offered as an enhanced benefit of employment.

We look forward for the opportunity to provide you and your employees with reliable home and auto insurance, with great rates and professional service.

Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd.