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Solid Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance that Protects You from Lawsuits

Your clients turn to you for your professional services because they trust your advice. This trust likely didn’t happen over-night. It has probably taken some time for you to become an expert in your own field. You built a renowned reputation by taking personal care for your clients’ best interests.

Because of all your hard work, your business is successful. Your standing as a professional means your advice is highly valued. That also means a client could misinterpret your advice, leading to harm. Sometimes the simplest or most innocent of errors can lead to the greatest of consequences. Mistakes can still happen.

When they do, do you have the best E&O Insurance you can have?

Why Would You Want Professional E and O Liability Insurance?

Your Comprehensive General Liability Policy does not cover liability resulting from claims due to design, advice given, or professional errors you’ve made.

Whether your Ontario business processes data or provides some form of consulting service Lackner McLennan and Erb and Erb can provide the coverage you need. If your company provides:

  • Consulting
  • Educational services
  • Translations
  • Legal work
  • Product design
  • Contracting
  • Professional services
  • Many other services

We can provide the coverage required to protect you and your company.

Non-profit, charitable organizations and professional associations also require Errors and Omissions Insurance policies. Why? A volunteer or board member can decide serious errors of strategy were made. A mistake in the budget can lead to a sudden shortfall of funds. These kinds of situations can lead to a charity group becoming embroiled in a lawsuit.

Who Could Bring Allegations Against Your Business?

Your customers, clients, volunteers or members and, in some cases, third parties, may call your professional work or advice into question. They may bring allegations against you. They could bring charges against your business. Third parties may claim they’ve suffered a loss as a result of your work. Such claims may be as innocent as a simple oversight. They can be as serious as neglect. They can also be a breach of a particular duty that you as the professional ought to have reasonably been aware of. Some claims may even simply be groundless.

A commercial insurance expert at Lackner McLennan and Erb and Erb will outline how our Professional E&O Insurance provides protection against these kinds of claims.

Even if a claim is groundless or unsuccessful, there will still be legal costs associated with your defense. Lawyers can be quite costly. These costs are included in your E&O policy, along with any judgements & settlements up to the policy limits.

Get the Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance Your Business Needs

The Liability Insurance experts at Lackner McLennan and Erb and Erb will take the time to understand your business. We assess your risks which leads to an E&O policy that’s tailored specifically for your situation.

Stresses from litigation may not be entirely avoidable, but they will be more easily handled. This is because the weightier burden of the expense associated with is mitigated with an E&O policy.

Don’t Wait for a Lawsuit to Hit Your Company to Find Out You Don’t Have the Proper Protection

E&O Insurance needs to be purchased prior to beginning a project or ahead of a product launch. Fully protect your venture.

Simply fill out the short quote form above or call 800.265.2625 and a commercial insurance expert will contact you and detail all the options you have so you can make informed decisions.

It’s your business, let’s protect it.