Lackner McLennan and Erb and Erb; Together is Better

We at Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd. are very pleased to welcome Erb and Erb to our family. Our goal, and Erb and Erb’s too, is to continue all our clients with the expert insurance advice and protection they need and deserve.

Lackner McLennan & Erb and Erb are a perfect match. Each organization’s specialties compliment the other. Lackner McLennan is predominantly commercially focused with some personal insurance products, while Erb and Erb is mostly personal insurance and financial services with some commercial insurance offerings. Both organizations adapt technology to better serve our clients. Both Lackner McLennan & Erb and Erb have strong presence locally and nationally.

In the next few months our sister organizations, Lackner McLennan & Erb and Erb, will learn from each other and take the best of both organizations to improve our ability to serve you.

This is an exciting time for both Lackner McLennan & Erb and Erb. And we’re looking forward to celebrating Erb and Erb’s 100th anniversary in 2019. We hope to see you then, too.

“Your Business; Our Policy”